Closet Rehab…Get Your Closet the Help It Needs Closet Rehab…Get Your Closet the Help It Needs 01. 02. 2016

Caitlin Saucier’s CLOSET REHAB has self-proclaimed clothier organizers abuzz! The organization guru is hands-on with her clients and their wardrobes, as she works as a fairy godmother of sorts revamping closets that would make Carrie Bradshaw green with envy!

Saucier beings with the process of editing the contents of the closet…down to the very last hanger. After giving your inventory a once over, the process takes off from there.

“After cleaning out and organizing your closet, I will show you how to create new outfits, combine garments, and style the items you currently own,” she says. “We can schedule a day to shop for items that will compliment your current clothing collection.”

Saucier’s brainchild is designed as a great way to understand and organize your closet.  It gives clients a fresh perspective on their wardrobes, as well as bringing the power of “de-cluttering” to light. A photographic “look book” can be created for an additional fee. Visit for more info.