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Boca Raton

About Boca Raton, Florida

Boca Raton is truly a phenomenal place in which to live. For those with the means to live in and enjoy such an exceptional city, it absolutely must be considered as the next place to hang your hat. South Florida has seen tremendous growth over the past 100 years, and Boca Raton is without a doubt a cherished and unrivaled jewel here within sunny South Florida...

Boca Raton, it is absolutely a place for everyone to own real estate: for seniors, children, new families, snowbirds, young adults, or anyone else looking for a place to make money or be entrepreneurial in a thriving economic city. It is an outstanding city for people seeking culture, history, exceptional public education and advanced education, shopping and dining, beaches and waterways, and year-round sunshine!

                  One of Boca Raton’s founding fathers, Addison Mizner, has been making and leaving his unprecedented and unparalleled stamp on the area for decades. Mizner, born toward the end of the 19th century, was a true American architect of real estate. Renowned for his structural emphasis on resorts, he from his earliest stages was interested in creating only the most grandiose and elegant structures and communities, a factor unequivocally demonstrated in the landscape of today’s Boca Raton. The preferences for Mediterranean and Spanish Colonial Revival instantly bring to South Florida a lavish ambiance and antiquity of Europe that has been developing overseas for  a period of centuries.

                  This class and superb quality of Boca Raton is only magnified and accentuated through the cultural, and now academic, superiority of the city. Highest caliber academics have arrived in Boca and have only heighted its superb reputation through the presence of Florida Atlantic University and other institutions. These colleges occupy large swaths of Boca Raton real estae with their beautiful large campuses . Beginning during the 1970’s as a minor university, FAU has, over the past ten to fifteen years, become a truly notable and diverse institution. Its reputation for Education and Medical Sciences, especially in nursing, has embedded FAU students and academics into an unending list of public education facilities and medical centers throughout South Florida. Graduates and students of FAU can unequivocally be found changing South Florida, and Boca Raton, from the ground up.

                  All of this aforementioned laurel has begun with the very fascinating history of the city. Boca Raton, of Palm Beach County, Florida, became officially incorporated in May, 1925; as of 2010 the city has declared a census-population of 84,000, and various reports over the past years have issued numbers even higher. There is no doubt that the city continues to grow, as its reputation is unrivaled as an entertaining, elegant, safe place in which to live. Much of its growth are the large estate type homes and brand new condos. It is certainly the largest city between its neighbors West Palm Beach to the north and Pompano of Broward County to the south.

                  In Spanish "Boca" means "mouth" and "Raton" means "mouse". Yet as the city is an ocean-side one, as are most places of prestige in South Florida, the nautical word "Boca" actually refers to an inlet. The original name of Boca de Ratones  could be spotted as early as the 18th century on maps correlating with an inlet in the Biscayne Bay area of Miami, moved later to its current location. The word "ratones" appears in old Spanish maritime dictionaries and refers to rugged rocks or stony ground on the bottom of some ports and coastal outlets.

 The history of Boca Raton is fascinating, but just as exciting is everything that there is to do in Boca today! Points of interest include the Boca Raton Museum, Mizner Park, Town Center of Boca, the FAU stadium and the Morikami Japanese Gardens, to name only a few. It is truly a city with an exciting nightlight, multiple locales of leisure, shopping and culture during the day, and an A rated public school system with several universities for young persons and families with children.

Regarding contemporary development, in the late 1960’s IBM announced its intentions to begin a manufacturing plant in the area. In 1965, before the continuation of I-95 into Southern Florida, IBM, working in conjunction with the Arvida corporation, purchased several-hundred acres of real estate west of the CSX rail line, slightly northwest of Florida Atlantic University. Originally situated in unincorporated Palm Beach County, the site was annexed into Boca Raton a year later, after its issuance in 1970. For the next forty years, IBM and other notable developers would turn Boca Raton into the vast and highly pleasurable city that it is today. It is a city that most assuredly must be explored! 

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